Truly Home promises to exercise the utmost care in handling our customer’s laundry and dry-cleaning items. By entrusting your item/s to us, you are agreeing that Truly Home’s own count and inspection is accurate and final, and assignment of your items to Truly Home by yourself or an appointed person or agent/s will be taken as your acceptance of our full terms and conditions. Before your items are handed to us, please be sure to remove and retain all accessories and/or ornamental items, and valuables of personal or monetary value. If such accessories, ornaments, or valuables are not removed, we may exercise our discretion to remove them, but responsibility will not rest with Truly Home.

Truly Home will not assume responsibility for damage and/or loss including but not limited to the following

  1. Loss of buttons, ornaments, or other types of embellishment, detachable or non-detachable, upon or in your item.
  2. Loss of valuables, including items with monetary value and/or personal value that you may or may not have left on or in the item.
  3. Items that are received damaged, stained, items with stubborn odours, ironing marks or other defects. Whilst best efforts will be employed to inform the customer of such issues in a timely manner, Truly Home will not assume responsibility if we are unable to do so.
  4. Any colour run, fastness of colour, colour fading and/or bleeding due to defects related to the manufacturing of the customer’s item or incorrect choice of wash type or labelling by the customer or the manufacturer of the item. For the sake of clarity, if the care label conflicts with your choice of process or vice versa, we will employ our best efforts to process your item but we do not take responsibility for loss and/or damage.
  5. An item that may have unseen and/or undetectable weaknesses in the fabric causing the item to be damaged and/or lost. This includes but is not limited to; weaknesses caused by prior use, small tears or worn-out areas, stains that have damaged the fabric, issues related to the general construction of the item such as poor choice of fabric, stitching, gluing, type and make of ornament/button selection, etc. While best efforts will be employed to avoid such issues, we will not be held responsible if they are to occur.

In the absence of your specific instructions, items will be cleaned according to their care label instructions.  We reserve the right to exercise our discretion when cleaning your items.  Synthetic leather items are prone to bubbling and/or tearing after cleaning, particularly in areas exposed to frequent movement and friction.  Leather, fur, or suede clothing has inherent flaws.  We will endeavour to highlight this to you prior to cleaning these items, however, please note the cleaning of such items may cause such flaws to become more apparent.  Truly Home will not be held responsible if this occurs, whether or not we have highlighted these flaws to you.  Curtains and sofa covers may have a probability of shrinkage after cleaning.  We are unable to determine if this will happen or the extent of shrinkage should it happen.  This is a natural reaction as certain fabrics are not pre-shrunk, and we will not be liable for such situations as it is not within our control.  See separate terms and conditions on curtains/sofas.

There is no guarantee that stains can be removed.  There is also no guarantee that we can discover all stains.  We are not responsible for any stains that we do not discover and highlight to you. If we discover such stains, we reserve the right not to clean the item until we get your consent at potentially an extra charge. If we discover such stains, we may also for whatever reason, proceed to clean the items without your consent.  Even if the stains are not removed completely, payment in full is still considered due to Truly Home.

Please be aware that load wash items are not counted beyond the total order’s total weight prior to washing. Colours and item types will not be separated prior to washing, there are washed in one order. Any damage caused by the incorrect mixing of items in a load wash order will be the responsibility of the customer.

Please inspect the condition of the item when returned to you. If you are unable to hand over or receive your item from us directly or personally, you may appoint a person/agent to do so on your behalf. Any damage and/or loss must be reported to Truly Home within 24 hours via the telephone number, address, or email listed on our website (www.trulyhomelaundry.com). The item must be returned to Truly Home within 5 days working days thereafter for inspection.

With respect to damaged and/or a lost item, our liability shall be limited to the fair value of the depreciated item, taking into account wear and tear, fashion and use and not exceeding ten (10) times the cost of drycleaning/washing/pressing charge for that individual item and subject to a maximum of $100 per item, whichever is lower, regardless of brand or condition.


Truly Home shall not be held responsible for

    1. Any shrinkage, discolouration, or distortion because of washing / dry cleaning.
    2. Any damage to curtains where the fabric had weakened due to age and usage. This is especially so for curtains exposed to spotlights, sunlight and chlorine fume, moisture, and sea breeze.
    3. Curtains with blackout or plastic/latex coating, as some coating may blister, peel, self-stick, or dissolve.
    4. Curtains made from lightweight, sheer fabric such as organza, silk, lace or day curtains. Such curtains are more affected by light exposure and have a shorter lifespan.
    5. Double-layered curtains which normally come with a lightweight fabric sewn together with a heavy fabric. The heavier fabric might pull/drag the lightweight fabric causing distortion or the lighter fabric to tear during the washing/dry cleaning process.


    1. Truly Home shall not be held responsible for any wear & tear or colour run after washing.
    2. Truly Home has no guarantee for complete stain removal.
    3. All shoes sent in for cleaning are processed using water, Truly Home cannot be held responsible for defects or damages arising during treatment should the article requires the usage of other forms of cleaning chemical or agent.


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